The New Florence Biennale – 30 novembre / 8 dicembre 2013

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April 19, 2013 by nicolekrivatz

The New Florence Biennale

The New Florence Biennale

The New Florence Biennale‘s mission is to stimulate the contemporary reinterpretation of the founding values of Humanism focusing on Ethics as the DNA of Art.The Florence Biennale, founded in 1997 and held at the Fortezza da Basso, is amongst the few international art events which is definitely structured as an independent and self financed platform for contemporary art, where artists from every part of the planet gather in Florence for an intensely unique experience. With this 2013 edition, that celebrates the genesis of a new cycle, the Florence Biennale also inaugurates new vital spaces and is present – for the first time – in some of the most important locations of the Florentine Renaissance.

To revitalize these mythic locations through contemporary art, the Florence Biennale has designed a series of collateral events that breathe new life to a tangible synergy of awareness and perception of the arts.

The very spirit of the new Florence Biennale is to share the visions and dreams of the digital era generation artists: it is in this context of projective empathy that the Florence Biennale fosters and safeguards the blossoming of young creative minds, offering them a grounding opportunity to develop and establish their artistic careers, in harmony with their proper social cultural biodiversity.
Ascribed to this series of elements, the young artists under 30 constitute the essence and soul of the new Florence Biennale.

To face and approach in an innovative way – and with the most elevated ethic-aesthetic-poetic voltage – the enormous undertaking of research and experimentation which imply epistemic and philological, psycho-philosophical and socio-anthropological challenging issues, the Florence Biennale has entrusted Prof. Rolando Bellini the responsibility of the Artistic Direction of the Exhibition and Prof. Francois Zille, the endeavor of senior Strategist & Brand Identity Engineer.

Registrations are still open: Link

UNESCO PATRONAGE FOR OUR “Ethics Bill of Rights of the Artist in the Digital Century”

Centro UNESCO Firenze gives their patronage to our “Ethics Bill of Rights of the Artist in the Digital Century”, revealed last month, during the XXXIII World Federation of UNESCO Clubs. This presentation is important for the relevance and importance of such document, authored by Artistic Director, Rolando Bellini and Brand Identity Engineer, Francois Zille and Dr. Marialuisa Stringa, President of Italian Federation Club UNESCO and Member of the World Executive Council.
The Ethics Bill of Rights defines artists as PLANET EARTH STRATEGIC CITIZENS, liberty keepers and citizens of the world, symbols but also bearers of universal values. It is the first stepping stone for the New Florence Biennale.

♦ News


From April 20th to May 4th artists from all over the world will challenge each other with works for small dimensions. This exhibition is in collaboration with Telethon. The winner chosen by our Jury will win the participation in the IX Florence Biennial.

From April 20th to May 4th 2013 artists from all over the world will challenge each other for a good cause: help finance research on rare genetic diseases. The juried exhibition, promoted by Florence Biennial, is titled SMALL WONDERS, Piccole Meraviglie in which the title describes the only rule: any style, any material, any technique is admitted, but the size must be small!
The juried exhibition will take place at LINEA Spazio Arte Contemporanea, headquarters of Florence Biennial in via delle Porte Nuove, 10 (Florence). The first place winner will win guest admission to IX edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Art, taking place from November 30th to December 8th 2013. A portion of the artwork sales will go to Telethon Foundation.

37 artists from 19 countries gather in Florence for Small Wonders, Piccole Meraviglie!

Winners will be announced on May 4th, during the closing ceremony.


After Pitti’s runways, the artist and model comes back to Florence from May 18th to June15th. Exhibiting site-specific installations at LINEA’s space.

A solo exhibition including site-specific installations and other works at LINEA Spazio Arte Contemporanea (via delle Porte Nuove, 10 – Florence), is titled “I.s.h.o.p.t.”.”, which is an acronym for “io solo ho occhi per te” that translates as “I only have eyes for you”. Spazio LINEA is also the headquarters of the Florence Biennale and has chosen this eminent exhibition by an extraordinary artist as the first indicator of contemporary art that will set the pace towards the new Florence Biennale, that is to inaugurate on November 30th of this year.

In many of Vistarini’s works, she deals with past and present that intersect and melt into delicate yet strong installations that speak for them selves through emotion, defined by Vistarini as “a work on time”.

One of the works presented for “I.s.h.o.p.t.” will then be exhibited at Photissima Art Fair, the Italian Fair that addresses photography, from May 29th to June 2nd, in during the Venice Biennial.

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